600.00          Firefighter Assist and Support Team (F.A.S.T.)

The Firefighter Assist and Support Team (F.A.S.T.) members are comprised of residents of White Bluff Resort and spouses or family members of firefighters of WBVFD.


F.A.S.T. members assist the White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department in two areas. Members may participate in either one or both:  

·        Emergency on scene support – provide water and food to firefighters and other emergency responders when the emergency will take several hours. 

·        Social activities and fundraising – plan, organize, schedule, and promote social activities and fund-raising events.


600.01          Duties and Responsibilities:

600.02          Support Coordinator

1.  The Support Coordinator will be responsible for keeping Emergency Scene Response (E.S.R.) members informed when WBVFD has been dispatched to a fire that may take several hours to extinguish. 

2.  Will be responsible for setting up meetings to discuss fundraising events and any special projects.

3.  Will ensure the inspection of the support van is completed monthly.

4.  Will ensure F.A.S.T. application forms are available and completed and then help train new members.

5.  Will update SOGs when needed and issue ID cards when required.

6.  Will maintain and update policies and procedures for the support team.


600.03          Assistant Support Coordinator

1.  The Assistant Support Coordinator will assist the Support Coordinator when needed.

2.  Will perform all duties of the Support Coordinator when the Support Coordinator is unavailable.

3.  Will assist in notifying the Emergency Scene Response Team when the Support Coordinator is unavailable. 

4.  Will be familiar with the SOGs, the policies and the procedures.

5.  Will assist with training new support members.







600.04          Firefighter Assist and Support Team (F.A.S.T.)

1.  F.A.S.T. Members should assist in the monthly maintenance day at the fire station on the first Saturday of every month. Some duties include: cleaning the meeting room, taking inventory of the supplies for upcoming events, restocking the refrigerators, sweeping the bays of the fire station, inspecting, restocking, and cleaning the van

2.  Will help plan, organize, schedule and promote social activities and fund-raising events. All support members may be needed to assist in any phase of the activities or events.


600.05          Responsibilities of Emergency Scene Response (E.S.R.) Members

Members of the Emergency Scene Response may have many duties and can assist where they feel most comfortable. Members may participate at the Fire Station in the preparation of food and stocking the van or in on scene response

1.  E.S.R. Members will be notified by text and must reply if able to or not available to assist.

2.  May be responding to fire emergencies inside White Bluff or in Hill County when the WBVFD has been requested for mutual aid.

3.  Will provide beverages and food to rehab firefighters. 

4.  May stay at the fire station, if staffing permits, to monitor the radio and provide additional food and water when requested by support already on scene. 

5.  Members should return to the fire station to assist in restocking the van after an on scene response.