File of Life

File of Life on the fridge.jpg

Fill it out, Keep it up to date, and Put it on the Fridge!

Medical emergencies can happen anytime. You may be home alone. Or others in the house with you may not be able to recall your medical history when 911 responders arrive.

Help 911 help you by filling out the NEW WBVFD File of Life Emergency Information form. Print the form two-sided on a single piece of paper. Fill it out in pencil to make it easy to update whenever anything changes.

Make a copy of the form for two reasons. First, keep this in your wallet - it's a good medical summary that can be helpful if you are away from home when an emergency strikes or when seeing a new doctor for the first time. Second, if you get transported to the hospital in case of an emergency the copy on your refrigerator may end up left at the hospital.

Once you've made your copies, then place the original in a red plastic magnetic File of Life holder on the outside of your refrigerator. If you can’t make copies these are available from the WB VFD - you can email Kathy Corbin or call her at 214-223-4078.