WBVFD Business Reports

Business Meeting are the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM

Business Meeting are the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM

WBVFD Business Meeting

Monday, June 10, 2019  (7:00 PM) 

Dennis Robinson called the meeting to order.

Dwayne Redding gave the opening prayer.

18 members and 1 guest were present.

Minutes of the May 13, 2019 Business Meeting

Dennis asked if anyone had additions and/or corrections to the minutes of the

May 13, 2019 meeting sent to membership by email. Correction:  Dates on Chief’s report should read 4/01/2019 through 04/30/2019.

Marvin Peterson moved approval with one correction.  Ron Stone seconded.  The motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Financials Update (July 8th)

YTD thru May

Actual Budget

Revenue. $54,722 $39,575

Expenditures. $43,999 $16,050

YTD. $10,723

Treasurer Larry Turner gave the Treasurer’s Report.  The report is attached to these minutes. 

1.  Received donations to cover our part of the bunker gear and also to cover necessary repairs on the truck received from the Cliffs.  An additional $1500.00 has been spent on the truck which makes an expenditure total of $5000.00. 

2.  Larry will provide documentation showing the need for additional funds, over the $40,000 currently received per year from the POA.  This amount has remained consistent for 10+ years.

Clint Herrin moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report.  Dwayne Redding seconded.   The motion was approved.

 Chief’s Report - Hugh Corbin, Chief  

  1. 8 calls for service 4/01/2019 through 04/30/2019:

    1. 7 – Medical

    2. 1 – Grass fire

  2. Truck Maintenance:

    1. All are operational.

    2. Oil & filters have been changed.

  3. Air bottles last approximately 30 minutes and then they must be refilled, which is presently done at VFD 2604. WBVFD needs a system that will refill two cylinders at the same time. Estimated cost is $44,200.

    1. 06/10/2019:  Hugh is concerned about the quality of the refill system used at VFD 2604.  Air Masks will be issued to each firefighter, with name on mask. Checking into a possible grant for purchase of the system. 

Unfinished Business

  1. Texas A&M Forestry Service has a grant available that would cover 90% of the cost of a truck.  The entire amount of the truck must be financed.  The POA homeowner assessment would be used to cover 10% of the cost.  When possession of the truck has taken place, the grant money will be used to pay the note.  WBVFD is third on the list.

    1. 03/11/2019:  Update – WBVFD is now #6 on the list.

    2. 05/13/2019:  Grant will come up again in August.

  2. Suggestions for committee of three to determine exercise equipment needs is requested.

    1. 05/13/2019:  No update

    2. 06/10/2019:  Bill Pierce, Roy Johnson, and Kevin Watson will serve on this committee.

  3. Grant provided by Firehouse Subs for an additional warning siren has been requested.

    1. 04/08/2019:  Grant was not approved.  Will apply again for the grant.  Deadline for new application is 05/22/2019.  Cost of a siren is $20,000 plus the cost of the pole. 05/13/2019:  Grant request has been resubmitted.

    2. Hugh asked for volunteers for committee to work on updating SOGs.

    3. 05/13/2019:  No update

    4. 06/10/2019:  Linda Yeary, Bill Pierce, Clint Herrin, and Kathy Corbin will serve on this committee.

  4. Hugh discussed the plan to find an ambulance to use as a rehab for the firefighters particularly during the summer months when an air-conditioned area is needed. Clint Herrin reported that AMR provides ambulances that they have replaced to fire departments.  Clint has submitted a request for WBVFD to be considered.  If approved, there will be a wait time until one becomes available.  The only cost will be a $1000.00 fee to remove AMR markings and replace with White Bluff Volunteer Fire Department.

    1. 05/13/2019: No update

    2. 06/10/2019: Clint reported that the WBVFD information is now at the home office of AMR.

  5. WBVFD is planning to have food & drink available for sale at the 4th of July Celebration to be held on Saturday, July 6th.  Hamburgers and hotdogs with chips and a drink will be available for $8.00 and $6.00. Sign-up sheet is available for volunteers.

  6. The 13th Annual WBVFD BBQ & Music Fundraiser will be held  Saturday, October 26, 2019.  Tickets price is $20.00 per person.

New Business

  1. Larry Turner discussed the need for a website to “tell our story.” The website has been designed by Kae Keith, Terry Pierce, and Kathy Corbin. It should up and running by July 1st.

  2. Hugh announced that there have been changes in the structure of firefighters. Dennis Robinson and Bill Pierce have replaced Dane Anderson and Timmy Brown as Captains.

  3. Dennis asked for volunteers to serve on a committee to update the WBVFD Bylaws. Linda Yeary, Guin McGinnis, Dwayne Redding, and Dennis Robinson will serve on the committee.

Ron Stone moved adjournment.  Dwayne Redding seconded.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned 7:53 p.m.

Funds Raised for Bunker Gear

After the Recent POA Meeting donations came pouring in to cover our part of the bunker gear. The response was so great we were also able to cover the necessary repairs on a new brush truck. This brush truck was received from the Cliffs.

Thanks to the White Bluff Community for responding to our urgent need.